10 new recommendations added to the Nutmums restaurant directory

The Nutmums nut allergy friendly restaurant directory is growing – with ten new reviews added this week! The restaurants, pubs, cafes and ice cream parlours listed have all been road tested by fellow nut mums … who were so impressed with the confidence-inspiring service they received, they felt compelled to spread the word!

Check out the latest reviews for:

If none of these are near you, Nutmums.com can help you find a safe restaurant recommendation in the following ways:

  • Search the nut allergy friendly restaurant directory. Once you’ve entered a location and clicked “search”, you can filter the results by clicking “radius” to find restaurants closer to home.
  • If it’s a chain you are after, then browse the list of Nut allergy friendly restaurants: national chains.
  • Click on the “Eating out” option on the home page. The drop down menu lists different areas of the country. (And the list of areas is continually growing, as new reviews for different areas of the UK are received).

Eating Out

Where do YOU eat out with your nut allergic child?

Whether it’s a branch of a national chain or your local independent cafe, I would love to hear your success stories!

Let’s spread the word about nut allergy friendly restaurants, cafes or pubs. If you have found somewhere which caters well for the nut allergic customer, please recommend them to the Nutmums community by posting a review here.

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  1. Hi there!
    I hoped you might like to share this…
    My son Joshua (4) who has a severe peanut allergy was given a tour of Mauds Ice-Cream factory here in Northern Ireland; although they make some ice-creams that have nuts in, they have very robust measures in place to prevent cross contamination, and give great advice on which flavours are safest. I will be continuing to buy sealed gallon tubs from Mauds stockists here in Northern Ireland to enjoy at home, and hope other nut mums will have the confidence to do the same!

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