D & Family, the day he was released from hospital
D & Family, the day he was discharged from hospital

Welcome to Nutmums.com! My name is Louise and this is where I write about severe peanut and nut allergies from a parent’s perspective.

In April 2012, my son, D (then aged 20 months), had an anaphylactic reaction to a peanut cookie and spent four days in intensive care. Thankfully, he recovered well. However, once he was discharged from hospital, we began to comprehend the day-to-day implications of his allergy.

It felt quite overwhelming. Turning to the internet, we found a raft of medical information and some extremely sad and chilling news stories about anaphylaxis related deaths. What we really needed was an online support network for parents encountering similar issues.

I will share here how my family is adapting and the challenges we are encountering. I would love fellow parents of allergic children (and the allergy sufferers themselves) to share their experiences and tactics too.

I should add that I have no medical background or qualifications. Everything I say on Nutmums.com comes purely from my experience as a mum to a severely allergic child.