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Book review and GIVEAWAY: My Seaside Adventure

“My seaside adventure” by Hailey Phillips (author) and Ivana Zorn (illustrator) is the latest “nut free” story from Allergy Adventures.

Woot is allergic to nuts. When he takes a bite of his turkey rainbow wrap something magical happens: he shrinks into his lunchbox. Once inside, he finds lots of safe foods he can eat, whilst at the same time having fun doing things like surfing a lemon wedge and dodging rolling cucumber slices.

Whilst it might at first glance sound a bit trippy to the adult reader, the aim of the story is to emphasise the foods that someone with a nut allergy CAN eat. In fact, every food mentioned in the Allergy Adventures books are free from the top 14 allergens.

I find storybooks about allergies a great way of broaching the subject with my son, in an indirect, relaxed way, without it sounding like a surmon from me. My Seaside Adventure certainly grabbed my 3-year-old’s attention, whilst teaching him the important message that when people with nut allergies:

 “meet new people [they] must let them know that food and I do not always go”.

My son also loved the page at the end of the book where Woot introduces his friends … Boffle with a wheat allergy, Boskus with a peanut allergy and so on. We had to run through Woot’s friends several times so I could tell D what each character was allergic to. He’s at the stage now where he has begun to appreciate that some of his friends are allergic to different foods (and, conversely, that some people are absolutely fine eating nuts). So we spent some time with me saying “That’s Boskus, he’s allergic to peanut” “Like me!” and “That one’s Minoo, who is allergic to eggs” “Like Joshua!” and so on.

There are also tiny pictures of nuts (or nut-containing foods: biscuits, chocolate and marzipan) hidden on each page, so your child can search for them and then play “squish the nut”. This enabled me to say to D “ah, that one’s a chocolate, because some types of chocolate can have nuts in”. How much of this sunk in, I don’t know… but it can only help with raising his awareness.

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My Seaside Adventure is available to buy from Allergy Adventures and Amazon. However, if you’d like to WIN a copy – we have one to giveaway to a lucky UK reader! Simply fill out the contact form below and the winner will be drawn at random on 1 March 2014.

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NAOMI CHAPPELL! Congratulations Naomi – hope your child enjoys reading all about Woot’s nut free “Seaside Adventure”! With the book, we will also enclose an Allergy Adventures food allergy safety poster for your child’s school or nursery.

(And just to say a big thank you to everyone who entered!)

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