Have yourself a merry nut free Christmas

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already … with four weeks to go, Christmas is looming. So here’s a list of the nut free Christmas food products I’ve spotted so far this year. Please post a comment and spread the word if you know of any more!

As always, obviously do check the label for yourself each time and enquire directly of the manufacturer, if you are at all unsure as to whether a product is nut safe.

Christmas goodies 2014
The 2014 haul so far…

Nut free advent calendars

If you are not already ready for Advent, here are some nut free calendar options which are worth a look:


Kinnerton have their usual wide range of advent calendars. Characters include: Avengers, Boofle, Disney Junior, Hello Kitty, Frozen, Me To You, Mr Men, Peppa Pig, Paddington, Simpsons, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Thomas.

Different stores stock different calendars – so check the Kinnerton website if you are after something specific. Stockists include Asda, Morrisons, Nisa, Poundland, Poundstretcher, Poundworld, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco, ToysRUs and 99p stores.

For anyone in the Macclesfield area, I can vouch that Poundland (town centre), Sainsbury’s (Cumberland Street) and Notcutts garden centre, Woodford have a selection in stock!


If you are after dairy free as well as nut free, check out Plamil, who have dairy free chocolate and “no added sugar alternative to milk chocolate” versions.

Nut Free Chocolate People

This year I’ve invested in a wooden advent calendar, which I’m filling with advent chocolates from the Nut Free Chocolate People. These are still available from the Nut Free Chocolate People website (as at 27 November), however the site states:

Christmas Nut Free Chocolate People advent

Nut free chocolate coins

Chocolates for Chocoholics

Chocolates for Chocoholics sell a bag of chocolate coins, labelled with their “nut safety promise” emblem:

Christmas Chocolate for Chocoholics

John Lewis

Last year, I found nut free chocolate coins by the Chocolate Alchemist in John Lewis. They are available again on the website this year and Kirsten has tracked them down instore:

Christmas John Lewis coins

John Lewis also stock Albert Premier chocolate coins (pictured below). The John Lewis website states:

Christmas Albert Premier John Lewis description 27.11.14

However, the Albert Premier website states that “The chocolate in our factory is produced on lines that do NOT process nuts or dried fruits, only chocolate.” I’ve asked John Lewis if their website description is correct – update hopefully to follow.

Christmas Albert Premier chocolate coins


(image courtesy of John Lewis)

Nut Free Chocolate People

Nut Free Chocolate People sell bags of chocolate coins. Act fast if you want to order: their final order date for Christmas is midnight, 30 November.


Sainsbury’s giant chocolate coin does not have any nut warning (unlike their bags of smaller coins, which do).

Nut free tree decorations

Christmas D and D

(image courtesy of D & D Chocolates)

D & D chocolates make dairy free (and nut free) chocolate and carob. They have both chocolate (pictured above) and carob tree decorations, available to order through their website.

Nut Free Chocolate People sell chocolate filled Christmas baubles. Their final order date for Christmas is midnight, Monday 30 November.

Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights sell tree decorations using either Plamil or Moo Free chocolate. Plamil is a dedicated nut free brand. Moo Free chocolate may contain nut traces. The website says you may specify which type of chocolate is used.

Nut free Christmas biscuits

I’m going to opt for for the Sainsbury family biscuit tin again, which has no nuts listed in the ingredients or referred to in the “allergy advice” warnings.

Christmas Sainsburys biscuits

(image courtesy of Sainsbury)

I’ve also bought a box of Cadbury “Festive Friends”. This product isn’t on the Cadbury website at the time of typing, however there are no nut warnings on the packet I’ve bought.

The United Biscuits nut free list (Nov 2014 version) includes McVitie’s Xmas Festive Faces and McVitie’s Xmas Penguin Yule Logs.

Nut free Christmas chocolates

  • After Eight –  both “dark thin mints” and “bitesize tubes”.
  • Cadbury describe their “Snowbites” and Dairy Milk buttons tube as “nut absent”.

Christmas Cadbury


(image courtesy of Cadbury)

  • Chocolates for Chocoholics sell various chocolate packs, which can be personalised. The website description states “Contains eleven pieces of solid milk chocolate that are gluten free, nut free and suitable for vegetarians”.
  • As well as their tree decorations (see above), D & D Chocolates have a wide range of dairy and nut free Christmas chocolate and carob. Chocolate santas, mint snowmen, Christmas novelty shapes and more.
  • This year Kinnerton’s Christmas range includes chocolate lollies (Mothercare, Asda), chocolate shapes (Asda) and chocolate satsumas (Fosters, Selfridges, WHSmith). For their character confectionery, there’s Thomas or Peppa selection boxes plus “mini figures” boxes (in Hello Kitty, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Star Wars, Thomas). The website also lists a Paddington biscuit tin:

Christmas Paddington tin

(image courtesy of Kinnerton)

  • Nut Free Chocolate People sell both bags and boxes of Christmas chocolates (order before midnight 30 November!)
  • Plamil sell chocolate snowmen, in “No Added Sugar alternative to milk” and “Organic Fairtrade alternative to milk” versions.
  • As well as tree decorations, Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights has a large selection of Christmas chocolate shapes (I understand that you will need to specify they use “Plamil” – see above).

Nut free gingerbread

I’ve bought Mini Gingerbread Men biscuits from Sainsburys.

Waitrose have a gingerbread activity kit, which the website lists as “Suitable for those avoiding Nuts and peanuts” (thanks for the top tip, Victoria!).

Nut free mince pies

Last year, Duerr’s and Robertson’s confirmed that their mincemeat was nut free. I will email both to confirm this is still the case, particularly given the Duerr’s website still states (as at 27 November 2014) “May contain traces of nuts”. Update to follow as and when I receive replies.


I’ve heard M&S are selling a mincemeat with not nuts in the ingredients and no nut warnings this year (thanks Clare!).

Last year, It’s Nut Free sold jars of luxury Christmas mincemeat. Their website is currently down – however if anyone tracks this down in the supermarkets, please post a comment.

Nut free gravy, sauces and stuffing

  • Free & Easy make a various gravies. We had their caramelised red onion gravy last year (which was lovely!), ordered from Ocado.
  • The Friendly Food and Drink Company make a Christmas chutney “packed with cranberries, oranges, cinnamon and nutmeg”.
  • The Ocado website states again this year that Paxo Sage, Onion & Apple Stuffing Mix is free from nut and peanut. The only may contain stated on the packet I’ve bought is “may also contain milk”. I didn’t receive a reply from Paxo last year confirming the product’s nut free status. I’ll try again…

Nut free Christmas pudding

  • I’ve gone for the Coles gluten, nut and alcohol free Christmas pudding from Ocado – available in two sizes, 454g or 112g.
  • Matthew Walker (100g) nut and alcohol free Christmas pudding is available from OcadoWaitrose and Amazon.
  • Morrisons (100g) and Tesco (454g)  also have their own brand nut free Christmas puddings (thanks Michelle and Steph!).

Nut free Christmas cake

Christmas Just Love Food Company snowman cake

(image courtesy of Just Love Food Company)

Just Love Food Company again has a nut free snowman cake (pictured), described as:

“delicious moist sponge cake with a raspberry jam and crème filling, skilfully decorated using soft icing and personalised with a message of your choice”

The Heavenly Cake Company make a range of nut free cakes. From looking at their website (see, for example, their double chocolate cake), you can add a short message or photo topper to your chosen cake – so it looks like they can be customised to a Christmassy theme.

Final thought: alcohol containing nuts

And finally, here’s a list of alcoholic drinks which contain nuts…


Hope everyone has a great, nut safe Christmas when we get there! If you have any other Christmas product recommendations, please do post a comment below.


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