Jext recall highlights need for unassigned adrenaline auto-injectors in schools

Allergy UK today issued a news flash that certain batches of Jext adrenaline auto-injector are being recalled due to a manufacturing fault.

The news flash states that:

“…the affected batches were dispensed to patients from 8th May 2013 in the UK.

Routine testing has revealed that during the production process the needle may have become bent, causing the needle to curl up inside the injector housing upon activation and consequently causing the pen not to deliver the required adrenaline dose.”

For full details (including a full list of the affected batches), see the Allergy UK announcement.

Reading the announcement made me go cold. Earlier this year, Macclesfield Hospital (as part of the North West Allergy and Immunology Network) switched from prescribing EpiPens to prescribing Jext pens. So, at present, it’s a bit of a mish mash for us. We have two EpiPens and one Jext pen for home use (all nice and confusing for babysitters…). Whereas D’s nursery have Jext. Fortunately, the “home” Jext pen did not come from one of the batches affected by the current recall. I shall find out tomorrow whether the emergency medication that nursery hold is affected.

How horrendous would it be though, if D had an anaphylactic reaction at nursery and the auto-injectors didn’t work?

This news is a wake up call which:

  • Underlines the importance of always having TWO adrenaline auto-injectors to hand.
  • Highlights the need for UK nurseries and schools to hold unassigned adrenaline auto-injectors. A “spare” pen held by the school would, in all probability, come from a different batch to a pupil’s own prescribed pen. So, if an adrenaline auto-injector failed due to a manufacturing fault, hopefully the school’s unassigned pen would not have been affected by the same problem.

Petition for UK schools to hold unassigned adrenaline auto-injectors

Joanne Keeling (author of Izzy and Ollie Adventure in an Ambulance) has started a petition calling for UK schools to follow the USA’s lead and hold unassigned or “stock” EpiPens (#StockEpiUK on Twitter).

Please sign it, and share the link

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