Let them eat cake!

When my son, D, turned two in August 2012, I was beginning to despair of finding him a nut free birthday cake. Three shops later and I eventually found a Lightning McQueen cake which was safe.

Since then, my mum has discovered the “Just Love Food Company” cakes stocked by Sainsbury’s. They’re labelled with a green heart containing the words “nut safe promise”. The company founder, Mike Woods, has three children, two of whom have a severe nut allergy. His wife, Karen, tells her family’s story here.

On the company website, Mike Woods says:

“As a parent of two nut allergy sufferers, I know that even the smallest trace of nuts can have a detrimental effect, so while we can never make a 100% guarantee, I have taken every possible step, and reviewed them time and time again, to make sure we are doing the best that is possible to make our cakes delicious AND nut free – My children eat these cakes, so as you can imagine we do all we can to make them safe.”

(for more information, click here.)

So far, we’ve had the chocolate tray bake which was a definite hit (with both D and the rest of the family), and I think their Gruffalo cake will be one to try for his next birthday!

Just Love Food Company: we salute you!

Update (September 2013)

For a list of those food manufacturers (including the Just Love Food Company) that I have discovered which produce at least some nut free products, see Nut free food.

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