Lisa’s story: All inclusive holiday in Majorca with a nut allergy

Lisa recently holidayed at the Coma Gran, Majorca with her nut and kiwi allergic son and gluten intolerant daughter. Here she shares her family’s food allergy friendly travel experience! 

We travelled to Majorca to the resort of Sa Coma with our 13yo son who is anaphylactic to cashews/pistachios/kiwi (we avoid all nuts/peanuts including traces) and our 4yo daughter who is gluten intolerant and also has a nutfree diet. We stayed for 10 days at the Coma Gran and had a great experience.

Thomson were great on the flight, they made an announcement in both directions and did not sell any nut products. We did not hear any moans or comments or see anyone flouting this guidance. We wiped down all of the tray/seat area and my son only ate sweets for the 3hr journey (his choice not mine,  I did have a big stash of other snacks just in case he was peckish !!).

The hotel did their best to cater for him and he did have a good selection of plain foods that were safe. They had a buffet and a grill area where the chef cooked steaks/chicken/pork etc in front of you without any marinades etc so this was brill. The desserts were out-of-bounds very nutty and they had pistachio ice cream too. We avoided breakfast cereals and pastries but they had cooked breakfast everyday so were quite happy with this. They were very clued up for the gluten free food for my daughter, this seemed easier for them to understand than nut-free, however the head waiter was very helpful and happy to check labels for us at any time. So overall our children faired very well for food !

I was great to be able to have an all inclusive style holiday, it worked very well for us. Although travelling abroad with nut allergic children is daunting it is so worth all of that preparation and effort !!

Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa!

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