Inaugural visit to McDonald’s: we’re lovin it!

Just a quick post to say, inspired by Claire’s comment on the Nutmums Facebook page, we took the children for their first McDonald’s on Sunday.

I had heard word that the Golden Arches were a good bet for allergies, both from our hospital and from fellow allergy parents.

The McDonald’s website says (as at 25 May 2014):

Nut allergy information McDonalds

You can also use their Meal Builder tool to check which menu items contain which allergens.

We went to McDonald’s at the Trafford Centre, Manchester. I understand some branches have tray liners, with allergen information for each product on the reverse. Spotting that the trays bare, I was relieved to see the queues were fairly civilised, so I psyched up to begin the “nut chat”. I explained to our server about D’s allergy and asked whether the children’s Happy Meals were nut safe. After checking with her supervisor, she returned with a laminated card detailing which foods contained which allergens. Despite needing a magnifying glass to read it, even I could clearly see that all of the Happy Meal variations were shown as not having peanuts or tree nuts as an ingredient. I was told that the only food they had which contained nuts were some types of McFlurries and these were kept in sealed packs.

So a happy meal we had, and I’m really pleased to have found another national chain to the growing list of nut allergy friendly restaurants. It’s heartening to know that wherever we are travelling in the UK, we’ll have the option of a McDonald’s.

As regards the McFlurries, after our visit I emailed McDonald’s to ask:

“which McFlurries contain peanuts and/or tree nuts? Is there a cross contamination risk with peanuts / tree nuts for the other types of McFlurries? How is the risk controlled?”

They replied,  referring me back to the Meal Builder tool, so I’ve asked again. Update hopefully to follow!


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