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Yorkshire & The Humber

nut_free_restaurantHere are the reviews from fellow nut mums of nut allergy friendly restaurants in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

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Taybarns, Tankersley

Review submitted by: Liisa on 13 June 2014.

Date last visited: June 2014.

“I rarely take my nut allergic daughter out for meals but our friend had booked their for her daughters birthday.

I rang in advance and explained about my allergy concerns and the manager came on the phone to reassure me that there would be sage food available for my daughter to eat. She asked me to identify ourselves to staff and they would give me their allergy book. Upon arrival I did what they had asked and I was given their comprehensive allergy book that listed allergy information for every single item they sell. The chefs were also on hand to talk to about any food item. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the reaction free meal and we will definitely go back again.”


Bradley’s Restaurant

Review submitted by: Alison Hobson on 4 October 2013.

Date last visited: June 2013.

“They have a children’s menu, and whilst they don’t do specifically nut-free food, if you ring ahead (ask to speak to Andrew), he will go through which options on the menu are safe and which should be avoided”

The Park Cafe, Greenhead Park

Review submitted by: Alison Hobson on 4 October 2013.

Date last visited: August 2013.

“We’ve never had a full meal here but often go for coffee and cake and the staff are very receptive to questions about nut-free foods. We have had “safe” bagels and even fruit muffins from there, which are pre-packaged so no risk of cross contamination on site.”


TGI Fridays, Leeds Birstall

Review submitted by: Alison Hobson on 18 December 2013.

Date last visited: December 2013.

“Another success story! Took the boys to TGI Friday at Leeds Birstall yesterday:

We couldn’t have asked for more. I contacted them before we set off and the manager advised me to look at this link on their website.

That sorted out A, who has a nut allergy, but still left us with a query over what T, who has a legume allergy, could eat. However once we were there, the manager came over to us with the folder they have containing all the allergy information, checked what T wanted to eat then went to the kitchen and brought out the packaging for us to check ourselves to ensure it was safe.

It makes such a difference when places are organised like this!”


Blacker Hall Farm Restaurant

Review submitted by: Alison Hobson on 4 October 2013.

Date last visited: August 2013.

“This place not only serves great food but has an amazing play area outside the back of the restaurant. Again, no specifically nut-free foods but we’ve always found the staff to be happy to answer questions and suggest suitable foods.”

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