Let’s hear it for Pizza Express!

Note: Pizza Express now serve “Noci” (bowls of almonds and cashews). Petition here.

We haven’t been to many restaurants since D’s allergic reaction. It’s a daunting prospect at the moment, both on account of his allergy and generally … just in case either child decides to have a meltdown!

The allergy specialists at the hospital advised us that, when visiting a restaurant, we should:

  • Call ahead and ask the manager if they are able to prepare a nut free dish for someone with a severe nut allergy. If there was any hesitation, we shouldn’t go there.
  • When at the restaurant, tell the waiter about D’s allergy and ensure they write it down on their order pad, so the kitchen staff know that his dish must be nut free.

On the rare occasion we have ventured out in the last year, Pizza Express has tended to be our restaurant of choice.  So far we have been to the Falmouth, Cornwall and Wilmslow, Cheshire branches, and both were able to cater for D’s allergy.

On one visit to the Wilmslow branch, the waitress told me that one of the chefs was in fact anaphylactic to nuts, having had a severe reaction to soft cheese containing (unbeknownst to him) ground walnut. Not that you would wish a food allergy on anybody, but this did make me think that a restaurant with a nut allergic chef would be a brilliant find, given the chef would then absolutely understand the need to provide dishes that were nut free.

I attach a link to the Pizza Express website, which links to their allergen information.

I have read on other forums that Pizza Express’s ability to say “yes, we can provide a nut free meal” varies from branch to branch. All I can say is that the two branches we have been to have inspired confidence.

Update (September 2013)

For details of the restaurants, pubs and cafés we have now visited since D’s peanut allergy diagnosis, see my blog posts on eating out in Cheshire and Cornwall.

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