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Christmas 2012 was our first nut free Christmas. Although obviously we weren’t intending to ply our 2-year-old with alcohol, in the interests of preserving a nut free home, we wondered which alcoholic drinks were now off limits for us.

After perusing several forums, I decided to start to compile a list of alcoholic drinks which contain nuts. Where I have been able to verify this information against, for example, the manufacturer’s website, I have included a link.

Some forum posts indicate that Baileys and Kahlua contain tree nuts. However, the Baileys website (as at 6 February 2013) says:

“None of the ingredients used in Baileys use nut or nut products in their manufacture. On the basis of this and to the best of our knowledge there are no traces of nuts in Baileys. As we are not qualified to give medical advice persons requiring a nut-free diet must consult their medical adviser before consuming Baileys.”

(see Baileys Product Information).

The Kahlua website (again as at 6 February 2013) says:

“Kahlúa Ready-to-Drink products contain dairy, soy beans, and tree nuts.  This includes Banana Mudslide, Chocolate Latte, Kappuccino, Original Mudslide, and White Russian.  While our other Kahlúa products do not contain any nuts, we cannot guarantee that they were not produced in a plant that uses nuts.”

(see Kahlua Website).

Thankfully though (for me), it appears red wine is still on the menu…

Update (September 2013)

I am also compiling a list of those food manufacturers I have come across which produce at least some nut free products. For more information, see Nut free food.

Update (March 2014)

I’ve spotted that the Food Standards Agency’s Guidance on Allergen Management and Consumer Information states (at page 39) that:

“Nuts used in distillates for spirits and nuts [almonds and walnuts] used [as flavours] in spirits are unlikely to trigger allergic reactions.”

We would still avoid (given “unlikely” could be interpreted as “unlikely… but still might”), however I thought this note from the FSA was worth sharing.


  1. Hey, I was wondering if you would be able to find out if the new jack Daniels contains any form of nuts since I’m allergic haha, thanks a lot for the help!

    1. Hi – I don’t know the answer to that … but will drop them a line as we’re JD fans in this house too! Will post again when I’ve had a reply.

  2. Thank you so much for the information! We have a 2 year old with both nut and sesame allergy. We cross reference everything as some are nut free but may contain seeds etc…. Wishing you and your family a safe and beautiful Christmas . That goes out to all families reading on this amazing forum. Peace Love and Joy

  3. Looking on the Amaretto wiki page, I saw that the brand Disarrono does not contain any almonds. I have been drinking this liqueur since reaching legal age (and I am allergic to nuts). The wiki page doesn’t mention anything specific about other brands, although in general, amaretto is an ‘almond-FLAVOURED’ liqueur.

    I love this list! Being severely allergic to peanuts and more worrisome hazelnuts, I’m glad to have found this page. Thank you for compiling such great information!

  4. Does anyone know a white wine or alcoholic drink i can buy my daughter to celebrate her 18th.she has a peanut allergy

    1. Hi Coleen – I’ve posted about UK allergen labelling law since compiling this drinks list ( . My understanding is that in the UK / EU, if any alcoholic drink contains one of the top 14 food allergens (which includes peanut, or separately tree nuts) this must be declared on the label. If there is no ingredients list on the alcoholic drink it should say “Contains peanut” (if it does).
      Would you like me to post your question on the Nutmums facebook page, in case any one has checked into this?

  5. Bailey’s Irish cream is filtered through the shells of nuts…as I have found many other alcohols are also

  6. Hi, myself and my sister both severely allergic to all nuts especially peanuts and almonds, but not hazelnuts.,, we are off to magaluf in a few weeks, am aware of most alcohol types- gin, amaretto etc, but does anyone know about captain morgan and Morgan spice? And also shots like after shock?

    Thank you!! X

    1. Hi Sophie – thanks for your message – sorry for not replying sooner, been on holiday myself! Have you been away yet? If not, would you like me to post your question on the Nutmums facebook page ( – someone might know the answer. Louise

  7. hi, just a quick question I have always stayed clear of all alcohols apart from whiskey, beer, cider and wine, but can I drink vodkas and other spirits? As no labels ever declare any ingredients of allergens on them?

  8. Do you know if beers like Blue Moon or Sam Adams Lager has nuts or peanuts in it. I recently had a severe allergic reaction and have been very cautious with what I eat and drink. Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much for this list!! Even as an ‘adult’ with severe nut allergies (all of my life), this is a great list! I want to try a amaretto sour for the first but I’ll def make sure to stay away from the “Amadeus (liqueur)” brand.

  10. Hi!

    I contacted Southern Comfort and they guarantuee that it is safe for nut allergy patients:

    “Unfortunately, we cannot know the source or reason for such postings, but we are pleased to be able to confirm that Southern Comfort products do not contain any sort of nuts. This includes tree nuts (Brazil nut, hazelnut/filbert, walnut, macadamia nut/Queensland nut, pistachio, chestnut, pine nut, pine seed, pecan nut, cashew nut and almond), peanut and its derivatives (excluding refined oil).”

  11. Great article! I’m a mom with tree nut and soy allergy. My child while has a while to go till his first drink has a milk allergy. I never even thought that these allergens could be hidden in a beverage and it not be listed on the label.

    I wanted to verify with Crown Royal if they had above said allergens and unfortunately they aren’t providing any information to me. Has anyone been able to contact them and verify allergens?

  12. One thing I have started to run into is company’s not mentioning when they manufacturer things with nuts in the same factory as there main product I have asked about, also be careful if you ever get anything on tap because they might not have cleaned the tap from the last thing that had nuts in to. Something that is also maddening is companies that think Coconuts are not a tree nut and don’t list it very flustering. Thank you for your listing.

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