Nut free Christmas food

FOR MY CHRISTMAS 2014 NUT FREE FOOD FINDS, SEE Have yourself a merry nut free Christmas.

I’ve just completed the joyous task of submitting my online Christmas food order. A chore made all the more merry by the need to scrutinise every product description for mention of nuts. I thought it might be helpful to post here the details of some of my festive nut free finds. (Obviously do check the label for yourself each time and enquire directly of the manufacturer, if you are at all unsure as to whether a product is nut safe).

If anyone has any other nut free Christmas food tips, it would be fantastic if you could post a comment below!

Nut free chocolate coins and other tree decorations

Nut Free Chocolate Coins

It seems chocolate coins are the nut mums’ holy grail this year!

  • Thanks to a tip off on the Anaphylaxis Campaign facebook page, I’ve found these apparently nut free chocolate coins (pictured above) on the John Lewis website. (This product comes up when you apply a “nut free” filter for dietary requirements. The product description also states “May contain nuts: NO”. However, the “nut free” filter on the John Lewis site appears to be somewhat temperamental at the moment, bringing up, for example (as at 30 November), a box of Hotel Chocolat Pralines. I’ve tweeted John Lewis about this, and hopefully the search facility will be updated soon.) Update: I’ve now tracked these coins down instore and am pleased to report they are labelled “nut free”.
  • Cadbury also describe their dairy milk chocolate coins as “nut absent”.

As for Christmas tree decorations:

  • Jelly Beans Christmas tree decorations are available from John Lewis (again, this product comes up when you apply a “nut free” filter for dietary requirements and the product description also states “May contain nuts: NO”. However, see comment above about the website search tool).
  • Nut Free Chocolate People sell both Christmas baubles (filled with dark, milk or white chocolates) and Christmas angels (which can be filled with white or milk chocolate drops).

Nut free Christmas biscuits

Nut Free Food Christmas

I’ve gone for Cadbury’s Festive Friends (pictured above), which I bought from Sainsbury.

As for tins of biscuits, I’ve bought the “J Sainsbury Family Biscuit Selection”, which has no nuts listed in the ingredients or referred to in the “allergy advice” warnings.

Nut Free Biscuits

Will keep my eyes peeled for any more nut safe options!

Nut free Christmas chocolates

Nut Free Christmas Chocolates

  • After Eight –  both “dark thin mints” and “bitesize tubes”.
  • Billy Goat Stuff sell a Christmas range of goats’ milk chocolates.
  • Cadbury describe their “Snowbites”, Dairy Milk buttons tube and “Endless Crunchie” as “nut absent”.
  • Chocolates for Chocoholics sell a Merry Christmas Chocolate Pack” (pictured above), which is described as “… eleven pieces of solid milk chocolate that are gluten free, nut free and suitable for vegetarians”.
  • D&D Chocolates have a range of dairy and nut free Christmas chocolate and carob.
  • Kinnerton’s Christmas confectionery includes chocolate lollies and bars.  I’ve seen the lollies in Mothercare and our local Poundstretcher had Kinnerton selection boxes.
  • Nut Free Chocolate People’s “seasonal delights” include chocolates in the shape of bells, presents, snowmen, stars, Christmas trees and more, plus a range of festive lollipops.
  • Plamil sells chocolate snowmen (in both “no added sugar” and “dairy free” versions).
  • Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights has a large selection of Christmas chocolates and tree decorations. Tasha’s use both Plamil and Moo Free chocolate. Plamil is a dedicated nut free brand. Moo Free chocolate may contain nut traces. The website says you may specify which type of chocolate is used.

Nut free mince pies

Nut Free Mincemeat

So far, every box of mince pies I’ve picked up has either contained nuts as an ingredient, or been labelled “may contain nuts”. If you are minded to make your own, It’s Nut Free sell jars of luxury Christmas mincemeat (pictured). [Update: Duerr’s and Robertson’s have also confirmed that their mincemeat is nut free].

Nut free gravy, sauces and stuffing

Nut free Christmas pudding

  • Coles make a gluten, nut and alcohol free Christmas pudding (in two sizes 454g or 112g) – I’ve ordered mine from Ocado, however a quick google reveals they are also on sale through Red Moped, Real Foods, Lakeland, Amazon and more.
  • Ocado (and Waitrose) also sell a nut and alcohol free Christmas pudding by Matthew Walker.
  • Tesco also have their own brand Christmas pudding (thanks Steph for this recommendation!).
  • If you live in the London area, Nia’s Allergy Friendly Foods sells a Christmas pudding for 6-8 people.

Nut free Christmas cake

AllergyBakes make a handmade and decorated 8″ Christmas Cake. As with all their products, the Christmas Cake is made without dairy, eggs or nuts.

Just Love Food Company has brought out a nut free snowman cake (pictured), which is made from “light sponge with a jam and creme filling”. Order via their Facebook page or by emailing

Nut Free Christmas Cake

Beware: alcohol containing nuts

And finally, if you haven’t already seen it, here’s my list of alcoholic drinks which contain nuts. Good news: Baileys is safe! (according to its website FAQs).


  1. Hi Louise, this is great! Thank you.
    Tesco also do an own-brand “nut and alcohol free” christmas pudding. There does seem to be an assumption that nut free also has to mean teetotal though, so I’ll be feeding one of my shop-bought nut-free puddings with brandy between now and Christmas to keep the grown ups happy.
    The Cadbury’s chocolate coins are delicious but very difficult to find – the only place I have come across them is Hobbycraft (!), so I’ve been there to stock up.
    Robertsons mincemeat is also nut-free, I’ll be making my own mince pies but probably making life easy and using ready made pastry – jus-roll is also nut free.
    Hope that’s useful !

  2. Thanks for this will get a Christmas pudding. Waitrose are also selling chocolate coins and advent calendars with winter woodland animals on them that appear to be nut free, nuts are not listed with other ingredients that are allergens. Also Sainsburys are selling nut and dairy free advent calendars, coins and chocolate Santas that di not list nuts with the other allergens.

    1. Hi – Thanks very much! That’s good to know about Waitrose and Sainsbury’s also stocking nut free coins. The ones I saw in our local Sainsburys were their own brand and labelled “Not suitable for peanut or nut allergy sufferers” due to manufacturing methods, but guess they could be getting a wider selection on the run up to Christmas. (Mind you, my local store didn’t have any safe advent calendars in either (, so maybe it’s time I checked out a different branch!)

  3. Hello, I have been reading the sight and have a reply with regards to the mince pies, that I hope will help. I am extremely ! allergic to all ! nuts and have to be oh so careful. I am even allergic to those that are not true nuts.
    Well at last after years of not having any mince pies. I went to our local, B & M shop and found some nut free once that also does not state may contain. The pies are really nice and made nicer with an icing on them. and only 99p for a pack. I have really been getting into the spirit . maybe to much.

    1. Hi Julianne,

      Regarding the mince pies. What does B&M stand for as I would like to get hold of some mince pies. Thank you Jason

  4. Thought I’d share this tip from a mum who decided to make her own nut free chocolate tree decorations! Here’s what she did: “I bought a silicone mould of Xmas trees from home sense … melted nut free chocolate got the kids to decorate with sprinkles and glitter. Placed a cut down straw at the top to make a hole. Leave to set and then thread some string (I used curling gift string) wrap in tinfoil and hang. 1 happy child who doesn’t have to miss out.”

  5. The John Lewis coins we have had for several years and are made by The Chocolate Alchemist – attached label states nut free. Waitrose Xmas box of Sweet Teatime biscuit selection 500g have no nut warning and one box already safely consumed in this household! Matchmakers (Sainsbury’s) no nut warning and have bought previously. For those with egg allergy Whitworths icing sugar (pink and white pack) apparently is made on egg/nut free site and no reaction with us, though notice ‘shaker’ is packed in Germany so haven’t tried as my phone conversation was with UK factory. Waitrose also have numerous cake decorations with no nut or egg warnings. Mini marshmallows tried and tested. Really stuck with chocolate tree decorations though.

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