Nut Free Easter Eggs

Nut free Easter eggs (the 2014 edit)

*** See NUT FREE EASTER EGGS – YOUR 2016 SHOPPING GUIDE for my round up of the Easter eggs and chocolate goodies available for 2016 ***

I haven’t yet got myself organised for Easter 2014. However, as Easter this year is from Friday 18 to Monday 21 April, I’m optimistic that I still have time to stick to my New Year’s resolution to spare myself a frazzled Good Friday dash around Sainsbury’s, hunting for the last remaining Kinnerton eggs.

It seems like some of you are already beginning to stock up on nut free Easter chocolate treats. So here’s a list of the nut free Easter egg options I’ve come across so far. This list is compiled from the chocolate brands featured on the Nutmums nut free food directory and the great tips shared on the Nutmums facebook page on Tuesday (big thank you everyone!).

As always, please do check the labels each time and contact the manufacturer if you are at all unsure whether something is safe.


The Cadbury website lists certain chocolate products as “nut absent”. Of their many Easter products, only the regular Creme Eggs are shown as nut absent. The mini Creme Eggs and the “Mini Eggs” (the little ones in the shells!), for example, are labelled “may contain nuts”.

“Choices” by Celtic Chocolates

Celtic Chocolates do not use nuts in their factory and none of their ingredients contain nuts. Their products are available online from Free From For Kids and I’ve seen them on the Sainsbury’s website too.

D&D Chocolates

D&D Chocolates produce dairy free chocolate and carob, which is also “Gluten Free, Nut Free and Egg Free”. There are Easter eggs, mini eggs and lollies (all in either chocolate or carob) available to order from their website.

DandD mini eggs

Holland and Barrett

I’ve heard that Holland and Barrett sell nut free eggs, however, at the time of typing their website only shows “Eco Eggs” by Montezumas (which “may contain nut traces”) and “Hazelnut Crunch” eggs (say no more). It may be that your local branch has nut free eggs in stock. Last year, they were selling nut free Celtic Chocolate “Choices” eggs through their website, so they may yet reappear for 2014.


Certain Kinder products appear safe, for example their Special Edition Eggs and Easter Lambs. However, some products (such as the mini easter eggs) contain hazelnut.


Think nut free chocolate, think Kinnerton. Famous for their nut safety promise, they produce a range of Easter products (eggs, eggs with buttons, eggs with bars, eggs with mugs, eggs with mugs and plates…) in a variety of different characters (for example, Peppa PigDoc McStuffinsThomas and Something Special).

Luckily, my 3 1/2-year-old son and soon to be 2-year-old daughter are still firmly in the Thomas and Peppa demographic, so I think Kinnerton have probably got it sewn up for our family again this year. For those of you with older children, you might want to check out their adult egg (pictured below), which is dairy, egg, gluten and nut free. According to the Kinnerton website, it’s stocked by Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, although there is limited availability.

Kinnerton adult egg

Malteser (made by Mars)

As with Cadbury Creme Eggs, with the “Malteaster” range, the nut status varies from product to product. Whilst the Malteaster Bunny 5 pack lists only egg as a “may contain”, the Malteaster Luxury Easter Egg, for example, may contain nuts.

Mini Milk

Mini Milk have brought out an ice cream van Easter egg this year, which includes four lollipops:

Mini Milk easter egg

Nut Free Chocolate People

Nut Free Chocolate People make “Delicious chocolates without any nuts or nut traces”, available to order from their website. Scroll down on their Seasonal delights page to see their selection of eggs and Easter themed chocolates.


Plamil products are made in their “own factory which never uses dairy, gluten or nuts”. They are stocking both full Easter eggs and half eggs for 2014.

Plamil easter egg


Sainsbury’s have confirmed that their Freefrom dark chocolate easter egg is nut free.

Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights

Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights has a range of handmade Easter chocolates (including some lovely looking Easter gift tins). Tasha’s use both Plamil and Moo Free chocolate. Plamil is a dedicated nut free brand. Moo Free chocolate may contain nut traces. I understand that you can specify that they use Plamil when you place your order.

… Any more?

If I’ve missed any, please do post a comment below. Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks for this, it should be really helpful. Now I just have to decide whether to introduce my daughter to chocolate or not and would be interested in other nutmums’ opinions please.
    Prior to having her nut allergy diagnosed my daughter hadn’t really tasted chocolate. She’s now nearly three and I don’t know whether to let her have some nut safe chocolate at Easter or try and avoid chocolate for as long as I can get away with it! At the moment she doesn’t know what she’s missing and is fine when the other children at nursery have chocolate. But if she gets a taste for it and can then only rarely have it when we know it’s nut safe she’ll know what she’s missing at nursery, parties etc. Both options seem pretty hard on her. At the moment she’s very understanding when she can’t have the same food as others but I’m not sure it would be the same story for something as yummy as chocolate…

    Apologies for posting this here – wasn’t sure best place.

    1. Hi Lucja – thanks very much for the message. It’s not something we’ve encountered – as my son already had a taste for chocolate buttons before he had his reaction and we discovered his allergy (I was very relieved to find out they were nut safe!). Would you like me to post your question on the Nutmums Facebook page? – another parent may have been through the same thing? Louise

    2. Hi Lucja,
      There are plenty of nut free chocolates available for day to day munching; it just at Easter when the huge majority of Easter themed chocolates are not nut safe. I have introduced chocolate to my peanut allergic daughter as she felt different and she just wanted to be the same. It did seem unfair that at all the pre school and now school things like parties, birthday treats etc that she couldn’t join in with. In fact now the other parents have helped a lot, now they understand the seriousness of it, making sure that whenever they bring chocolates with a “May contain” label they always put in something safe for her (maltesers, smarties, kinnerton choc lolly etc) or actually buy nut free for all.
      I felt that I had to introduce the idea to her early on that there is usually an alternative and that this is how her life will be; looking out for safe versions of what every one else has. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Louise, thanks for your reply. Yes it would be great if you could post my question and see if anyone else has had a similar dilemma,

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks very much Louise, loads of helpful replies. I’m going to hunt out a Peppa Pig Kinnerton egg for her as she’s a big fan x

  4. Just to let you know Home Bargins have Kinnerton Easter eggs in stock, they had around 5 designs and this included a pretty chocolate bunny which would be great for older girls.

  5. As I posted somewhere else here… sorry, new, haven’t worked out the layout! Waitrose Easter Egg Hunt kit is listed as Suitable for those Avoiding Nuts… so you can have 20 foil wrapped Easter Egg and little signs for an Easter Egg hunt. Especially useful for me as the parent of a 4 yr old nut allergic and a one year old that I haven’t a clue about!

  6. Coop have a good range of nut free easter bits- ive managed to get a large chocolate bunny, pack of chocolate eggs and some miniture chocolate animals.

  7. Interesting reading, but 2015 edition may be slightly different.

    I’m 27 and only found out last year I have a hazelnut allergy (fortunately itchy throat leading to blood testing), but results came back as strongly allergic. I’ve never eaten nuts as never liked the texture/flavour, so never know if always had it or if it has devloped. Seen the first batch of Easter eggs in waitrose today and thought I’d have a look, needless to say I’ve walked away feeling very sorry for myself as I have now switched to avoiding traces of nuts (through fear more than anything!). Even the malteasers bunnies egg was a no go 🙁 Sounding like a big kid but I do love chocolate and the eggs have always been the biggest weakness for me!

    1. Hi Mia – that’s not a company I’ve been in touch with. Just googled and looks like BBB distribute Zaini in the UK. The BBB Easter eggs I’ve seen have been may contains. If you find out any more information from Zaini / BBB, do post – would be good to know! Thanks very much Louise

  8. Hi Louise, just found Kinnerton Easter eggs in Poundland, Brighton. They are in Starwars, Frozen and ‘Shopkins’ packaging. They are so nut free! Its written large on the packaging for once! I am so pleased to see they are not dairy free.
    I hope Kinnerton’s can increase their distribution and do really well.
    My 9 year old won’t particularly like those themes so I may repack them!! But on the other hand she’ll be thrilled to have ‘proper’ Easter eggs in proper packets! Many thanks for this website. Helen

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