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Nut free Easter Eggs – Your 2016 shopping guide

Here we go again: time for a nut free Easter egg hunt! Easter Sunday this year is 27 March 2016, so the countdown is on for tracking down nut safe versions of Easter goodies.

This year is the first year that my son (now 5) has gone into Easter aware of the chocolates he, usually, can and can’t have. Cue excitement when he spots a Galaxy egg … cue me explaining that, although plain Galaxy is usually safe, alas the large eggs are “may contain nuts”. Ditto for the Cadbury creme giant egg. Ditto for Maltesers. Ditto for Smarties. His response? “Awww, not fair!”. I’m inclined to agree.

However, luckily, my son and daughter are still firmly in the Star Wars and Frozen zone, so I’ve opted for Kinnerton again this year (see main picture). With stormtrooper and Frozen Fever Kinnerton eggs in our local B&M for £2.99 each, it really would have been rude not to!

I’ve listed below the other nut free Easter chocolates I’ve seen so far, including those recommended by fellow nut mums and dads on the Nutmums facebook page (thanks everyone!). Please do post a comment below with any more recommendations.

As ever, please do check the labels each time and contact the manufacturer if you are at all unsure whether something is safe.


If you look at the Cadbury website, they’ve got 15 Easter products listed as at 25 February. When you apply their nut and peanut filters, the choice shrinks to two: the regular Creme Eggs
and Creme Mini Filled Eggs.  (NB. the “Mini Eggs” – the little ones in the shells – are “may contain nuts”.)

Cadbury creme eggCadbury creme mini filled egg

(Images courtesy of Cadbury)

The Cadbury site doesn’t (as at 25 February) list the company’s range of large chocolate eggs. However, having read the product descriptions for the Cadbury eggs on Ocado, I am yet to come across one which is not “may contain nuts”. If anyone knows of a large, nut safe Cadbury egg, do post a comment, I’d love to hear from you…

Cadbury National Trust egg hunt

(Image courtesy of Cadbury)

Cadbury are supplying the National Trust and National Trust for Scotland Easter Egg hunts this year. I’ve tweeted to ask which Cadbury products are used. It would be nice if the prizes weren’t “may contain nuts” and the hunts are indeed a place for everyone.

Campervan Cookies

Nut free Campervan Cookies card

(Image courtesy of Campervan Cookie Co)

Campervan Cookie Co has a selection of awesome looking Easter cookie cards, which can all be personalised. Their website states that their “products are made in a nut-free environment”.

“Choices” by Celtic Chocolates

Choices Easter bunny

(Image courtesy of Free From For Kids)

Celtic Chocolates do not use nuts in their factory and none of their ingredients contain nuts. A selection of their Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are available online from Free From For Kids and Holland & Barrett.

Cocoa Libre

Cocoa Libre easter chicks

(Image courtesy of Cocoa Libre)

Cocoa Libre have gift packs of 10 rice milk chocolate chicks available online.

D&D Chocolates

DandD nut free Easter egg basket

(Image courtesy of D&D)

D&D Chocolates produce dairy free chocolate and carob, with their website confirming that “All our products are handmade on nut free premises”. The Easter range this year includes eggs, mini eggs, lollies, bunny shapes, fondant egg halves, plus a selection of Easter baskets filled with goodies.


Galaxy golden eggs - Nut Free Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs

(Image courtesy of The Grocer)

Mars has launched Galaxy golden mini eggs for this Easter (for details, see article in The Grocer – and thanks also to Jess for posting about this on Facebook). I’ve spied them on sale at our local Co-op and the golden mini eggs did not have a nut warning (however, the Galaxy caramel mini eggs did).


Haribo are selling bags of jelly chick, bunny and lamb shapes this year (see Haribo Easter Hunt Multi Pack).

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett have a dairy free Good Egg “for those seeking to avoid dairy, gluten and nuts” – check out the no added sugar version too.

 Jelly Bunnies

Bassetts jelly bunnies

(Image courtesy of Free From For Kids)

Bassetts are making jelly babies in the shape of bunnies this year. Thanks to Lucy for this tip – who has seen them in Co-Op. They are also available online at Free From for Kids.


Certain Kinder products appear safe, for example:

However, some products (such as the Kinder mini eggs) contain hazelnut.


Kinnerton’s range of nut safe Easter eggs and chocolates this year includes Peppa Pig, Avengers, Match of the Day, Paw Patrol, Shopkins, Super 4, Frozen, Me to You (that teddy with the blue nose!), Star Wars, Thomas and The Simpsons.

Kinnerton is stocked in Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Mothercare and Wilkinson. Joanne has spotted a good range in her local Asda – including a Gogglebox egg (see pictures below – thanks Joanne!). My local B&M and Poundland stores tend to be good, and I’ve spotted a Peppa Pig egg hunt bag on Ocado

Joanne Easter Gogglebox and MOTD

Joanne Kinnerton selection

I’ve heard from Mark (thank you!) that Iceland have Kinnerton lightsaber tubes filled with foiled mini eggs. On a Star Wars note, if anyone spots these stormtrooper chocolates in a shop, please do let me know! [Note added: I’ve heard from Diane that ToysRUs stocked the stormtrooper chocolates at Christmas.]

Kinnerton Easter nut free net of stormtroopers

(Image courtesy of Kinnerton)

Finally, if none of the character eggs appeal to your child, Candice’s top tip is to remove the outer packet and put the eggs inside cardboard eggs from Ikea, filling any gaps with sweets.

Magnum eggs

B&M Magnum easter egg

(Image courtesy of B&M)

Big thank you to Angela who has posted that both B&M and Iceland have (nut safe) versions of Magnum Easter eggs this year.

The Ocado Magnum Signature Chocolate Egg with Bars also appears nut safe from the online product description.

Malteser (made by Mars)

As with Cadbury Creme Eggs, with the “Malteaster” range, the nut status varies from product to product. Whilst the Malteaster Bunny 5 pack lists only egg as a “may contain”, the Malteaster Luxury Easter Egg, for example, may contain nuts.


Marmite easter egg

Yes, really! The Daily Mail has reported that Unilever has partnered with Kinnerton on a Marmite Easter egg. Available from Ocado. (Thanks Angela!).

Nut Free Chocolate People

Nut Free Chocolate People make “Delicious chocolates without any nuts or nut traces”, available to order from their website. Check out their Easter page to see their range of eggs (in milk, dark, orange, mint, without soya, and white chocolate) plus a selection of Easter themed chocolates.

Nut Free Chox

Nut Free Chox have Easter lollies, jars of Easter chick- or egg- patterned buttons, and orange filled half Easter eggs – see their Seasonal page for details.


Plamil dairy free bunny bar

(Image courtesy of Plamil)

Plamil products are made in their “own factory which never uses dairy, gluten or nuts”. For Easter 2016, they have full Easter eggs and half eggs, plus chocolate bunny bars.


Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Easter Egg and Freefrom White Chocolate Egg are each described online as “egg, gluten, wheat and milk free” and appear nut safe from the online product description.

Prestat – for those avoiding peanut only

Prestat may be worth a look if you are only avoiding peanut. Their website (and the Ocado product description for their Prestat London Gin Egg ) states “Our kitchens handle many ingredients including cream (milk), nuts, gluten, eggs and flour so even products that do not contain these as ingredients may contain traces of them. We do Not use any genetically modified ingredients and we do not have peanuts in any products”.

Special Edition Chocolate

Special Edition Chocolate have a range of handmade Easter eggs, bunnies, hens and chicks available to order online.

Special Edition Chocolate nut free Easter bunnies

(Image courtesy of Special Edition Chocolate)

Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights

Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights has a range of handmade Easter chocolates using Plamil’s “Lots of this, none of that” chocolate.

Tesco Help for Heroes egg

Help for Heroes Easter egg

Tesco has a Help for Heroes egg – from which they will donate 100% of profits from the sale price to the Help for Heroes charity. (Thanks again, Angela!)

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates sell “gourmet chocolates guaranteed safe for those with any nut or peanut allergy”. They have a wide selection of Easter eggs and chocolates, and what’s more, they ship world wide (thank you Elaine for this top tip!)


Waitrose and Ocado are selling the Woodland Friends Easter egg hunt box again this year.

Are there any more?

As ever, if I’ve missed any, please do spread the word by posting a comment below. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. In Home Bargains I found a foil wrapped “European Chocolate Bunny”, packaged for Walgreens. The label states: “Shea and Illipe Oil used in this recipe is nut safe”. Pink/lilac and blue available – 99p each 🙂 Thanks for your list, very helpful 🙂

  2. Hi, the small individually wrapped aero (Cadbury’s cream egg size) doesn’t seem to have a nut warning. Got them a Sainsburys.

  3. ALDI have a Dairyfine milk chocolate Easter egg with buttons at 79p, a Dairyfine white chocolate egg with buttons at 79p and a Dairyfine milk chocolate foiled bunny at 65p all of which are nut free. I emailed ALDI and a nice lady from customer services rang me back to confirm they were safe. LIDL have a Favorina Easter Egg Hunt Kit at £3.99 which I also checked was safe.

  4. Please note that the ALDI foiled bunny at 65p is not suitable. I have just been to my local store to buy some and there is a nut warning on them. When I had previously spoken to customer services I said that the foil on the bunny had black printing on blue and I was unable to read the ingredients. She read out all the ingredients to me and said they were ok. The Dairyfine milk and white eggs appear to be nut free.

  5. Hi, am trying to find a Easter egg for a child in my nursery, which as to be dairy free, soya free, cocoa free. No nuts. Because we are having an Easter egg hunt .

  6. Hi . We have another safe egg . Appears the Pot Noodle egg is made in same factory ( Kinnerton ) as Magnum , Marmite.

  7. Hi,

    Can you please recommend a nut safe chocolate bar suitable for melting to make easter nests in a nursery. Thank you.

  8. the website has been really helpful. Wish it had been around when my daughter was young(now 25). One comment I would like to place and don’t use face book,so felt I would like to share this, although not linked to easter chocs. I discovered many years back, certain ear drops contain nut oil, as did my daughters baby eczema cream and nipple cream for breast feeding soreness. This is a long time ago I used all the above clearly but feel people should think about these products.

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