Nut free Easter Eggs 2013

UPDATE: For an updated list of nut free Easter Eggs for 2014, please see Nut free Easter eggs (the 2014 edit).

2013 is our first Easter following my son’s peanut allergy diagnosis. It dawned on me yesterday that it’s just around the corner (Good Friday is 29 March) and I needed to get my act together on the egg-purchasing front. So this morning I set off on a quest to find a nut free egg.

After reading an article on Peanut Allergy UK, my shortlist of brands consisted of:

If I couldn’t track down a large egg, I knew that I could order a bag of foil wrapped solid mini easter eggs from The Nut Free Chocolatier (NB. their order deadline is 12 noon on 23 March).

We had a hospital appointment with our allergy doctor this week, who recommended that we start talking tomy son (D) (now aged 2 1/2) about the need to check food labels. So, for example, when we go to the supermarket, when we pick something off a shelf, we should say something along the lines of “I’m just going to read the label to check that this doesn’t have peanuts or nuts in it. Oh, great, it doesn’t: so we can put it in the basket”. I thought this morning’s Easter Egg mission would be a good time to start.

So, we headed for our local Sainsbury’s. There were various Easter Egg displays at the ends of food aisles. I was beginning to get disheartened, as I couldn’t see my three shortlisted brands anywhere and every egg I picked up carried a “may contain nuts” type of warning.

When we located the proper Easter Egg aisle, guess what caught D’s eye? Yep, the peanut M&M egg. Cue a little speech from me about how he can’t have that one, as peanuts would make him poorly. Hit by a tirade of “I want dat one!”, I moved swiftly on to the children’s section, where, mercifully, there was still a selection of Kinnerton eggs to choose from. Fortunately, his focus switched from the M&M egg to the Kinnerton Thomas & Friends mealtime gift set and I got to use my “Oh, great, it doesn’t contain nuts” line. Now all I need to do is persuade him to happily wait a week before eating it …

Update (September 2013)

I am compiling a list of food manufacturers (including chocolate manufacturers!) which produce at least some nut free products – see Nut free food.

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