Nut free food: chocolate, sweets, ice cream and lollies

Are you looking for nut free chocolates? Or a trustworthy brand of sweets? Or stood in front of an ice cream van, do you need to know which ice lolly is safe?

If so, check out the list below which includes both:

  • Dedicated “nut free” food brands; and
  • Details of other food manufacturers which, according to their product labels or information on their website, do produce some nut free products.

Manufacturers do change their recipes (and their production arrangements), so please do check the product label for yourself each time, and make your own enquiries of the manufacturer, if you are in any doubt about whether something is safe.

I will add to the list as I come across more nut free brands and products … and do let me know if you have any product recommendations!

Please see the main nut free food page, for a complete alphabetised list of all the nut free food brands listed on


Beyond Dark


Note: Beyond Dark advised me in March 2014  that their product and manufacturing  are totally nut free.


(certain chocolate bars, buttons and drinks are listed as “nut absent”).

Note: As at 16 March 2014, the nut absent selection included Creme Egg, Twirl, Crunchie, Flake, Buttons and more…

Celtic Chocolates


Note: A copy of Celtic Chocolates nut statement is available on request by emailing the company. Whilst they don’t state their products are “nut free”, as at 14 March 2014 their policy said “… We do not use nuts in the factory and none of our ingredients contain nuts. We prohibit staff from consuming nuts in the canteen or bringing nuts on site and conduct spot checks to ensure this rule is adhered to …”

The Chocolate Alchemist

(chocolate coins, stocked by John Lewis)

D&D Chocolates


Nut allergy information D&D

Grenada Chocolate Company


Nut allergy information Grenada Chocolate

It’s Nut Free

(cake bars, cereals, chocolates, snack bags)

Nut allergy information It's Nut Free


(chocolates, including Easter Eggs)

Nut allergy information Kinnerton

Mortimer Chocolate Company

(chocolate powder for drinks and baking, melt and dip chocolates)

Nut allergy information Mortimer


(hot drinks, confectionery, yoghurts, cereals and more)

Nut Free Chocolate People


Nut allergy information Nut Free Chocolate People


(egg free mayonnaise, chocolate, carob, milk alternative)

Nut allergy information Plamil

Tasha’s Dairy Free Delights

(chocolates made from Plamil chocolate)

Nut allergy information Tasha

Zero Zebra


Nut allergy information Zero Zebra




Nut allergy information Beenies

Goody Good Stuff


Nut allergy information Goody Good Stuff



Note: Haribo UK confirmed by email in August 2013 that “we do not use any nuts on site with the exception of coconut”. You can contact them for a full list of their sweets (produced in the UK) that are “suitable for nut free diets”.

Ice cream

Kelly’s of Cornwall

(ice cream)

Note: Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream to be made in a factory which handles nuts from late 2015 (see announcement from Kelly’s).

Note: Kelly’s confirmed by email in August 2013 that:

“All of our ice cream in tubs (1Ltr / 2Ltr etc) is made in a nut free factory so it will be suitable for people with nut allergies. “

New Forest Ice Cream

(ice cream, sorbets)

Nut allergy information New Forest Ice Cream

Purbeck Ice Cream

(ice cream, sorbets)

Nut allergy information Purbeck Ice Cream



(soft drinks, ice lollies)

Nut allergy information Calypso

For other nut free food items…

Please see:

For an A-Z list of all brands featured on, see here.


  1. Hello! Just found your site and I love it, thank you so much for sharing! (Peanut allergic 3 year old here!)
    Kinder customer service advised me that kinder eggs are nut free, much to said three year old’s delight..
    Becky x

  2. Hello, I also make nut free chocolates, the brand is Cocoa Libre. My husband is allergic to peanuts! I have had all my products lab tested to make sure they are completely free of traces so you can enjoy in confidence!

  3. Hello my daughter has a severe nut allergy who investigated and discovered New Forest Ice Cream. They claim that there nut free products contain no nuts, are made in separate environment with no contamination and that all their staff have a nut free policy, even the office staff. Are you familiar with this brand and have any of your subscribers had experience of the New Forest products?

    Many thanks

    John Cronin

  4. First off, this website is a fantastic tool for people like myself, thanks so much for all the information!
    I want to make others briefly aware about a recent experience that I had with Cadbury’s chocolate. Cadbury’s have recently changed their “Timeout” chocolate bar to the “Timeout Wafer,” with a revised ingredients. While the ingredients list also warns that it “may contain nuts,” I’m personally not one to be as cautious to those statements because I don’t want to restrict the chocolates I’ve always loved to eat. To those who also acknowledge but don’t restrict themselves or their children from foods with cautionary labels, I would advise to remain clear of these new Timeout Wafer Bars. I’m not sure whether it’s an issue of cross-contamination or failing to include the use of nuts in its ingredients, but I’ve had an allergic reaction to this chocolate bar, twice now, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience, for obvious reasons.

  5. Cannot risk kelly ice cream in the shops as child with severe nut allegy to all nuts including coconut on the tub in the shops made in a nut factory.
    It used to be nut free even a trace is dangerous.if they saw a, child a free having eaten anything with a Trace of nuts they would think again. Can people not live without nuts all cake for children in tesco have traces of nuts
    Pat hall

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