Nut free food: meals and hot foods

Think a nut allergy means you always have to cook food from scratch? Not so! Check out the list of meals and hot foods below, which includes both:

  • Dedicated “nut free” food brands; and
  • Details of other food manufacturers which, according to their product labels or information on their website, do produce some nut free products.

Manufacturers do change their recipes (and their production arrangements), so please do check the product label for yourself each time, and make your own enquiries of the manufacturer, if you are in any doubt about whether something is safe.

I will add to the list as I come across more nut free brands and products … and do let me know if you have any product recommendations!

Please see the main nut free food page, for a complete alphabetised list of all the nut free food brands listed on

Meals and hot foods

Amy’s Kitchen

(does not use peanuts) (meals)

Nut allergy information Amys Kitchen

Bannisters’ Farm

(jacket potatoes)

Screen Shot Bannisters 16.3.14

Clive’s Pies


Note: Clive’s Pies told me at the Allergy Show in October 2013 that whilst the factory in which the pies are made does handle nuts, the nut products are made on a different product line and a different day to the pies.

Free & Easy

(soups, sauces, ready meals, curry pastes and more)

Nut allergy information Free and Easy

Green Giant


Note: Green Giant’s confirmed by email in August 2013 that:

“As part of our precautions every product, which we produce, is subject to a thorough safety evaluation by trained personnel. During the evaluation any possible allergens that are present from the raw ingredients through to the finished product will be identified, documented and if present labelled on the product packaging.”

Helen Browning’s Organic

(hot dogs and speedy sausages)

Nut allergy information Helen Browning Sausages



Nut allergy information Ilumi



Nut allergy information Kirstys

For other nut free food items…

Please see:

For an A-Z list of all brands featured on, see here.

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