Nut free food: milk alternatives

Are you looking for a nut free milk alternative? Whether you are avoiding dairy because of an allergy, intolerance, because you’re vegan, or for some other reason, check out the list below which includes both:

  • Dedicated “nut free” food brands; and
  • Details of other food manufacturers which, according to their product labels or information on their website, do produce some nut free products.

Manufacturers do change their recipes (and their production arrangements), so please do check the product label for yourself each time, and make your own enquiries of the manufacturer, if you are in any doubt about whether something is safe.

I will add to the list as I come across more nut free brands and products … and do let me know if you have any product recommendations!

Please see the main nut free food page, for a complete alphabetised list of all the nut free food brands listed on

Milk alternatives


(yoghurts, soya milk)

Note: For more information on Alpro soya’s nut free status, see Alpro’s well that ends well.

Coconut Dream

(milk alternative drinks)

Nut allergy information Coconut Dream


(coconut milk yoghurt)

The website listing for the natural yoghurt (for example) states:

Nut allergy information Coyo

Delamere Dairy

(soya drink)


(milk alternative made with coconut milk)


(egg free mayonnaise, chocolate, carob, milk alternative)

Nut allergy information Plamil


(soy drinks)

Nut allergy information Vivesoy

For other nut free food items…

Please see:

For an A-Z list of all brands featured on, see here.


  1. Hi there, Did you contact Rice Dream recently? I contacted them about a year ago because I wanted to use their plain original rice milk but I’m allergic to nuts, especially to almonds, so I asked if their nut milks are made on the same lines as their rice milks. They told me that all their milks are made on the same lines. So I didn’t start using it, but I haven’t been able to find another nut safe rice milk.

    1. Hi Lora – thank you very much for your message – no, this list was compiled a while ago. I will remove Rice Dream from the list, thank you for letting me know. If you would like me to post on the Nutmums facebook page ( a question from you asking if there are any safe rice milk recommendations, just let me know. Louise

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