Nut free food: sauces, dressings and ingredients

Are you looking for a nut free curry sauce? Or a safe salad dressing? Or perhaps a bag of nut free flour?

If so, check out the list below which includes both:

  • Dedicated “nut free” food brands; and
  • Details of other food manufacturers which, according to their product labels or information on their website, do produce some nut free products.

Manufacturers do change their recipes (and their production arrangements), so please do check the product label for yourself each time, and make your own enquiries of the manufacturer, if you are in any doubt about whether something is safe.

I will add to the list as I come across more nut free brands and products … and do let me know if you have any product recommendations!

Please see the main nut free food page, for a complete alphabetised list of all the nut free food brands listed on

Sauces and dressings


(salad dressing)

The website listing for the saucy ginger mandarin dressing (for example) states:

Screen Shot Briannas 18.3.14

Cook’s Ketjap Manis

(soy sauce)

Note: Wingyip advised by email in March 2014 that the manufacturer “had confirmed that there are no traces of nuts in the product”.

Cooks’ Ingredients

Note: Waitrose produce a list of Waitrose Own Label Products Suitable for those Avoiding Nuts and Peanuts, which is regularly updated. 


(pasta sauces)

Note: Dolmio advised me in August 2013, that:

“If there’s a possibility of cross contamination then the product will have a suitable warning on the packaging… In effect, any products which don’t show nuts in the ingredients list or carry an appropriate warning can be taken as not containing nuts.”

Free & Easy

(soups, sauces, ready meals, curry pastes and more)

Nut allergy information Free and Easy

Free From Italy

(pasta sauces)

Le Conserve della Nonna Pasta Sauce range includes tomato & basil, tomato & chilli and green pesto (this is made with pine nuts – for more information on pine nut allergy see the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s advice).

Nut allergy information Free From Italy

Friendly Food and Drink Company

(chutneys, jams, sauces and more)

Nut allergy information Friendly Food and Drink



Holy Cow!

(curry sauces)

The website listing for Delhi Tikka Masala (for example) states:

Nut allergy information Holy Cow

Little Pasta Organics

(pasta sauce for kids)

The website listing for Spinach + Broccoli (for example) states:

Nut allergy information Little Pasta Organics


(curry sauces)

Nut allergy information Minara


(egg free mayonnaise, chocolate, carob, milk alternative)

Nut allergy information Plamil

Punjaban Curry Bases

(curry sauces)

Nut allergy information Punjaban

Sweet Mandarin


Nut allergy information Sweet Mandarin


Cooks’ Ingredients

Note: Waitrose produce a list of Waitrose Own Label Products Suitable for those Avoiding Nuts and Peanuts, which is regularly updated. 



Nut allergy information Crespo

Doves Farm

(pasta, cookies, baking ingredients)

The website listing for Lemon Zest Cookies (for example) states:

Nut allergy information Doves Farm



Note: Duerr’s confirmed by email in December 2013 that their mincemeat:

“does not require a nut warning as there is no possibility of cross contamination; the production site is a nut free site”

Gourmet Garden

(herbs and spices)

Nut allergy information Gourmet Garden


(baking products)

Nut allergy information Isabels

Kooky Dough

(ready to bake cookie dough)

Note: Although Kooky Dough used to make a “Crunchy Choc ‘n’ Nut” dough, they confirmed by email in March 2014 that they no longer produce any products with nuts and have moved to a peanut free factory. “Nuts are not allowed on site and we adhere to very strict regulations to ensure this.”

Lyle’s Golden Syrup


Nut allergy information Lyle's


(stock, yeast flakes)

The website listing for Engevita yeast flakes (for example) states:

Nut allergy information Marigold

Mortimer Chocolate Company

(chocolate powder for drinks and baking, melt and dip chocolates)

Nut allergy information Mortimer



Note: Robertson’s confirmed by email in December 2013  that “our mincemeat is nut free, and our factory is a controlled site, with no nuts being permitted on site.”

For other nut free food items…

Please see:

For an A-Z list of all brands featured on, see here.


  1. We have been distributing here in the UK, going very well as a nutfree peanut butter spread in Ocado, Tesco, Holland & Barrett etc.

    We now have a satay version, in bulk or in protected sachets for ready meals to coatings chicken/fish/proteins.Do you think there is a market in the UK for a nutfree satay?

    Great with vinegar as a dressing too!
    Comments greatly appreciated prior to launch
    Stephen Minall

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