UK Nut Allergy Friendly Restaurants

London and South East England

nut_free_restaurantHere are the reviews from fellow nut mums of nut allergy friendly restaurants in London and South East England. To find restaurants by name, town or cuisine, please search the restaurant directory. If you have discovered a nut safe restaurant, pub or café, please submit a review here. To return to the main restaurant directory page, click here.


Byron Hamburgers, Putney

Review submitted by: Sarah on 13 March 2014.

Date last visited: March 2014.

“I had a great experience at Byron burgers recently (Putney branch). They have great allergy info and brilliant, helpful and understanding staff for my daughter (peanut/ sesame and lentil allergic).”

Carluccio’s, Bloomsbury, Central London

Review submitted by: allergymama on 7 October 2013.

Date last visited: October 2013.

“We visited Carluccio’s in Bloomsbury, Central London on 3 October 2013 – It was our first family visit to a restaurant for our severely multiple-allergic child to eat out (we’ve gone out before but brought safe food for our child). The *main* allergens we must avoid are dairy, egg, peanut, all nuts, sesame and chickpeas/ beans. We carry epipens at all times. We have had a brilliant experience with a wonderful nursery cook who is able to meet our child’s dietary needs and trying a restaurant seemed like the logical next step. I was very conscious of advice from another allergy-parent who suggested braving a restaurant (and going regularly) whilst our child was young and before fear/ self consciousness etc became a problem in order to normalise explaining the allergies and associated dietary needs to restaurant staff. I had contacted Carluccio’s in advance to explain our dietary issue. I was given confidence to go ahead with a booking by a speedy response and a list of items which were considered suitable, along with an explanation of standard practice to avoid cross-contamination. We were advised to go early in the day which we did. On the day of the booking I went about an hour before we were to eat (without our child) to run through things with the manager just to be sure I was comfortable to go ahead. She was already briefed, had a list of our allergens sitting by the till and again went through the things she recommended as safe (with reference to a large lever arch file of allergy info for each dish on the menu) and advised spaghetti with tomato sauce as the item she was most confident as safe. She said this was because a fresh sauce could be prepared for our child under her watchful eye. I was then introduced to the chef who went through what he would do to prepare our meal. I was very reassured by the professionalism of the staff. We then returned with our child who took delight in looking at the menu and ordering a drink. When our order was placed the manager went into the kitchen and oversaw the preparation of our meal. She brought it to our table. The meal was lovely and the staff were attentive, checking everything was ok. The chef came out to speak with us to ensure all was in order. Our child loved the food and being allowed to participate fully in the social experience. At the end I asked the manager how I could go about arranging a second visit and what we could expect in terms of allergy provision. I couldn’t believe that they would go to such lengths for a “normal” visit from an allergy family (rather than a super-planned first trip). I was both amazed and delighted when she explained that our dietary needs were now in the restaurant booking system and that if we were to make a booking in future to explain this to the manager. A manager would then take responsibility for our order in the same way as for our first visit. She explained that ideally, some notice would help but they could meet our dietary needs with as little as 5 minutes notice. Apparently Carluccio’s takes pride in meeting all dietary needs and according to the manager the have a lot of experience providing food for celiacs and so are really aware of cross-contamination issues. In some ways the existence of a thought out procedure and routine “allergy-management” practice was what impressed me the most. When we first entered the bewildering world of multiple food allergy eating in a restaurant seemed like something we would never do as a family. Our trip to Carluccio’s was a huge step in terms of building our confidence and supporting our child with trying new things in a safe way. We could not be happier with our experience.”

Kerbisher & Malt, Hammersmith

Review submitted by: Francis Beausoleil on 25 July 2014.

Date last visited: July 2014.

“I have a severe peanut/nut allergy and was able to eat at Kerbisher And Malt on Shepherds Bush Road without problem. The food was excellent and it’s one of the few (if not only) fish&chip place that don’t use groundnut or peanut oil. I had a pork sausage with chips and my girlfriend had the cod fish & chip. The staff was very friend and the cook understood my needs.”

Pizza Express, St Christopher’s Place, Central London

Review submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: August 2014

“I took my peanut allergic son to London for a day trip just before he started school. We finished up with dinner in Pizza Express on St Christopher’s Place (just off Oxford Street, near Bond Street tube). The staff were friendly and helpful. I had the ‘nut talk’ on arrival, explaining about my son’s allergies and the need for nut free ingredients and clean utensils. They checked the position about nuts with the kitchen and confirmed that a margherita pizza would be nut free.

When it came to ordering dessert, I was assured the chocolate ice cream was nut free. Thinking about it later, I think, if we ever went again, I would double check about the ice cream, as we’ve been told by other Pizza Express branches that their ice cream tubs are labelled ‘may contain nuts’.”

Rainforest Cafe, Central London

“My daughter has severe allergies to all nuts, dairy, fish, eggs and the legume family and the Rainforest cafe catered for her – I actually cried over my meal ! we had the full attention of the manager who took our order and made us feel completely safe without feeling ‘special’ or different. Ok Robyn had pasta bolognaise as per usual when we eat our however the whole experience was a joy. She also had soya ice cream for pudding – absolutely amazed by the staff at this eatery.I telephoned ahead and when we entered the staff knew exactly who we were and what was required.”


Wagamama, Aylesbury

Review submitted by: Candice on 25 February 2014.
Date last visited: February 2014.

“Staff were amazingly helpful. They have a very clear list of what food contains which allergens, so it is easy to choose suitable food. Even realised a peanut allergy is not the same as a nut allergy.”


Fox and Hounds, Lyndhurst, New Forest

Review submitted by: Kate

Date last visited: April 2015

“I had a good experience at The Fox and Hound in Lyndhurst ( New Forest ) . Excellent response to allergy requirements ( my son 7 , has. PN allergy ) . They also changed the normal ingredients of the sundae on the kids menu to make it safe for him . Was such a lovely change from the normal response .”

Harvester, Port Solent

Review submitted by: Sherry on 21 February 2014.
Date last visited: February 2014.

“Told staff my son had a peanut allergy was given an allergen list and they also went straight into the kitchen and informed the staff in there. So helpful and fantastic service”


Zizzi, Guildford

Review submitted by: Antonia

Date last visited: January 2015

“We go to Zizzi’s often as they have a separate menu for allergies and they always make sure that they bring my nut-allergic 4-year-old ice cream from a new container using a clean utensil to get the scoop. Always very helpful and very nice (at least the permanent staff! :))”

Carluccio’s, Kingston-upon-Thames

Review submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: August 2014

“We had dinner at Carluccio’s, Charter Quay, Kingston in August 2014. We hadn’t called ahead and the restaurant was busy when we arrived on a Saturday evening around 6pm.

There was initially a bit of a misunderstanding – I explained about my son’s nut allergy and the waitress replied (twice!) “so no gluten, right?”. Once we overcame that slight hitch, we shared breadsticks for starters and my son had (from the children’s menu) penne pasta and tomato sauce, followed by fruit salad.

Our waitress showed us the packaging for the grissini (only “may contain sesame”, from memory) and apologised hat the ice cream was “may contain nuts”.

So another Carluccio’s branch we would definitely return to again.”

Lass O’ Richmond Hill, Richmond

Review submitted by: Louise on 17 August 2013.

Date last visited: August 2013.

“After a slightly inauspicious start, my son (who had just turned 3) had sausages and mash at the Lass O’ Richmond Hill. We had emailed the pub in advance to check whether they could cater for someone with a nut allergy. They were quick to reassure us over email that they did provide nut free menu options. However, on arrival, when we explained to the waiter that “our son has a severe nut allergy”, we were told that they could not cater for “severe” nut allergies. We were about to leave when the waiter checked with the chef, who confirmed that the sausages and mash (without gravy) would be nut free.”

Pizza Express, Walton on Thames

Review submitted by: Mrs Gurnell on 6 December 2014

Date last visited: November 2014

“Have visited this branch about 3 times in the last 2 months and they have been brilliant. Each time I have called in advance to inform about my toddlers nut allergy. On each occasion I have been asked to remind the the waiter upon arrival. The waiters have not minded checking and double checking ingredients lists for us. My son has happily enjoyed chicken pizza and spaghetti bolognese from the kids menu. Very helpful staff. (We carry Epi pens).”

The Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon

” I wanted to share our experience on Easter Sunday in Jolly Farmer’s in Worplesdon, Surrey ( because it’s definitely worth sharing.
When we arrived there, I informed the person in charge (maybe it was the manager or the owner? not sure) that my daughter was allergic to all nuts, then we started talking about which nuts they used in the kitchen and when she mentioned cashew nuts I was a bit more concerned as my daughter is a 10/10 allergic to cashew nuts (8/10 to peanuts and pistacchios and all the rest a bit less).
After that I went back to our table and expected the ‘normal’ procedure as in ‘we’ll do our best but.., etc. etc.’. Well! Their reaction was amazing. They came to tell me that until they served us they sealed everything in the kitchen that had nuts in so there was no cross contamination, they checked all the ingredients on our plates (we were 4 adults and 2 toddlers) so that they were sure that all plates were clean and when my toddler told me she didn’t like her plate (she’s normally not too difficult but unfortunately she just didn’t like the taste of basil in the gnocchi that she had chosen) and we asked for a plain plate of chips they advised that it was best not to have it in case of cross contamination, so they made a burger for her in the frying pan separately. When we were leaving, a person from the kitchen came to me and told me that next time when we book our table, we can let them know about the nut allergy so that they’re better prepared (!).
I have to admit that this is the first time that any pub (or restaurant for that matter) were so helpful, made sure that everything was ok and even took the initiative to seal all nuts from the kitchen while they were preparing our order on Easter Sunday (the place was indeed busy…)! We used to go occasionally in the past (they’re always very busy so it’s not easy to book a table), but we’re definitely going back after this (and definitely more often). :-)”

East Sussex

Scoop and Crumb, Brighton

Review submitted by: Grace

Date last visited: Pre 2015

“Scoop & Crumb in Brighton do not use nuts in their ice creams or anything they service (due to an allergy I think in their family).

The ice cream is to die for – and safe!! An impossible combination to normally find!

I would highly recommend.”

The Tea Cosy, Brighton

Review submitted by: Grace

Date last visited: Pre 2015

“A rather eccentric but wonderful place for afternoon tea – a feat which is quite hard for a nut allergy sufferer to come by!

When I last went a couple years ago (and from looking at the current website now) they can cater for nut allergies (they do not use nuts), and also gluten allergies.

Wonderful cakes etc the High tea’s are wonderful, but do make sure you book in advance, they used to get filled up very quick!”


West Sussex

The Barn (Harvester), Chichester

Review submitted by: A nut mum on 24 October 2013.

Date last visited: October? 2013.

“We are in Chichester and have a daughter with a severe hazelnut allergy and one with a soya allergy, who is also nut free as she’s had several unexplained allergic reactions that required A&E, just waiting for testing for her. We have limited places that will ensure anything is safe and had an awful experience once in a Sainsbury’s café (hungry girls post swimming lessons I deludedly thought I could get away with popping in for a few bits of way home then thought lets just eat here!) where they told us we couldn’t have anything off the menu and were very rude, we all ended up in tears in the car park. However, The Harvester is great for allergies. It isn’t the best cuisine ever but they are excellent. They have a very comprehensive allergy booklet that lists every single item they sell, down to everything in their salad bar. They also have an allergy warning button they press in the kitchen to alert the kitchen staff to avoid cross contamination. When we went recently we had dessert (unheard of for us, we have never ever had dessert out with our daughters) and consulted their allergy book carefully. The waitress was lovely and came back to say they’d recently changed suppliers of their brownies but went and got the packaging for us to read. They could not have been more welcoming and accommodating. We actually felt that our daughters would be safe. That constant fear we all know of when we do brave eating out was really reduced.”

Real Burger Kitchen, Chichester

Review submitted by: Deborah Lawrence on 25 February 2014.

Date last visited: February 2014

“Always willing to let us check packaging and never make us feel like we’re being awkward! Super friendly staff”