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North West England

nut_free_restaurantHere are the reviews from fellow nut mums of nut allergy friendly restaurants in North West England.

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Brookside garden centre cafe, Poynton

Review submitted by: Louise

Date last visited: January 2015

“Brookside garden centre is a fairly regular weekend haunt for us: my son loves the mini railway and both kiddos have a great time looking at the garden ornament animals, play houses and fish. I’ve been to the cafe before when my son was a baby and I had taken pureed something or other with me. In January, we decided to give it a go for lunch. I hadn’t called ahead. It was very busy. However, when I explained about my son’s peanut / nut allergy to the manager and asked if fish fingers and beans would be safe, he assured me it would. After we placed the order, he came back over to let me know that they had sterilised a new jug for my son, before warming the beans. Great they could make a nut safe, children’s meal.”

Glebe Farm cafe, Astbury, Congleton

Review submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: July 2014

“My children love visiting Glebe Farm, Astbury. It’s free admission and there’s loads to do to fill a morning: farm animals to pet, ride on cars and tractors to play on in the barn, an outside play area plus tractor rides around the farm (for £1 per person).

The farm shop cafe sells coffees, sandwiches and cakes. They do use nuts in some of their cakes. Whenever I have asked if they can cater for my son, they always stress they “cannot guarantee a nut free meal as there are nuts in the kitchen”. We’ve eaten there a couple of times and I have ordered him the children’s board minus the cake (so just sandwiches, fruit, Pombear crisps and Robinsons fruit shoot), which the cafe staff agreed to make up for him on a clean board, with clean utensils etc.

Slightly disappointing this summer, in that there were no nut free ice creams available. They sell ice cream by the scoop and also have a freezer full of lollies. Last year you could always count on finding a Twister from Walls, however this year there were only lollies labelled “may contain nuts”. Saying that, the farm shop did have Kinnerton chocolate lollies, so my son was able to have a safe treat!”

Legh Arms, Prestbury

Review submitted by: Louise

Date last visited: April 2015

“Brilliant nut safe find, right on our doorstep! The Legh Arms on Prestbury High Street does great pub meals. Before visiting in March 2015, I called ahead and explained about my son’s peanut / nut allergy. They said that, although there were nuts in the kitchen, they would be extremely careful, with my son’s meal cooked with fresh utensils etc. We visited in March and April 2015. Both times we arrived early doors, as the pub does get extremely busy later on. Each time my 4-year-old son requested “clean” (by which he means “plain”) pasta and sausage. This combination wasn’t on the menu, but they made us a (large) child’s portion, which we split between my two children. When it came to condiments, they confirmed their ketchup was Heinz and brought my son a fresh bowl each time. I’ll post again about their range of dishes, if he ever orders something other than clean pasta and sausage!”

McDonald’s, Hurdsfield, Macclesfield

Review submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: August 2014

“We took my son to McDonald’s for tea on his birthday (couldn’t summons the energy to cook, having survived the mayhem of his party!). It was very, very busy (and the queue for the drive through was even longer) but, as with the other McDonald’s branches we’ve visited, they were categoric that the happy meals were nut safe. Happy meal, good dinosaur toy, happy children.”

Pizza Express, Knutsford

(Note 29.10.14: Pizza Express now serve “Noci” (bowls of almonds, peanuts and cashews). Blog post to follow. Petition here.)

Review submitted by: Louise on 3 March 2013.

Date last visited:  September 2013.

“The staff were very reassuring throughout. I explained about my son’s nut allergy on arrival, and the waitress confirmed they could cater for nut allergies. She double checked this with the chefs, who confirmed this was no problem. After placing our order, the waitress came back over to us to confirm that the chefs were aware my son’s order had to be nut free. My son enjoyed a pizza followed by ice cream (minus the wafer). A word of warning though. On a subsequent visit (to the same branch a week later), the waiter told us that the ice cream said “may contain nuts” on the tub. So my son missed out on ice cream on that occasion. If we go again, and I’m told the ice cream is safe, I will definitely be asking them to double check for the “may contain” wording.”

Pizza Express, Wilmslow

(Note 29.10.14: Pizza Express now serve “Noci” (bowls of almonds, peanuts and cashews). Blog post to follow. Petition here.)

Review #1 submitted by: Louise on 3 March 2013.

Date last visited: January 2013.

“We haven’t been to many restaurants since D’s allergic reaction. It’s a daunting prospect at the moment, both on account of his allergy and generally … just in case either child decides to have a meltdown!

On the rare occasion we have ventured out in the last year, Pizza Express have been able to cater for D’s allergy and have inspired confidence on each visit.

On one visit to the Wilmslow branch, the waitress told me that one of the chefs was in fact anaphylactic to nuts, having had a severe reaction to soft cheese containing (unbeknownst to him) ground walnut. Not that you would wish a food allergy on anybody, but this did make me think that a restaurant with a nut allergic chef would be a brilliant find, given the chef would then absolutely understand the need to provide dishes that were nut free.”

Review #2 submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: August 2014

“Another happy visit to Pizza Express, Wilmslow. My son enjoyed dough balls and Margherita pizza. So disappointing Pizza Express have added Noci (bowls of almonds, peanuts and cashews) to their menu from October 2014 – I will need to have a detailed conversation with the branch manager about cross contamination controls, to feel comfortable about eating there in future.”

The Architect, Chester

Review submitted by: Claire Christian on 20 October 2014

Date last visited: October 2014

“I’d like to recommend the Brunning & Price pub range for eating out with a nut allergy. We have eaten at The Pant-yr-Ochain near Wrexham and The Architect in Chester over the last few weeks and both have been amazing. My LO has eaten different things in each place and thoroughly enjoyed both meals. The waiting and kitchen staff in both pubs were great, very helpful and accommodating.”

The Bollin Fee, Wilmslow

Review submitted by: Alison Hobson on 4 October 2013.

Date last visited: September 2013.

“I haven’t been with the boys but my husband regularly meets his parents here and says the staff are always happy to check menu items for nut advice.”

The Chimneys, Hooton, Ellesmere Port

Review submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: September 2014

“We went to The Chimneys, Hooton for Sunday lunch. I had telephoned in advance to explain about my son’s allergies and they had confirmed they could cater. We’ve been to the Honey Bee, Wilmslow before (which is part of the same Vintage Inns chain) and my son had eaten tomato pasta. So I was surprised, when talking to the manager on arrival, that The Chimneys’ tomato sauce was ‘may contain nuts’. However, the manager was extremely helpful and went through the menu, explaining which items were nut free and made on site, and which were bought in. My son had a roast dinner (minus the stuffing and Yorkshire puddings) which he enjoyed, but unfortunately, when it came to dessert, the ice cream was a ‘may contain’, so off limits.”

The Egerton Arms, Chelford

Review submitted by: Louise on 3 March 2013.

Date last visited:  September 2013.

“When we arrived, we spoke to a waitress and explained about D’s nut allergy and asked whether they could provide him with a nut free meal. She assured us this should be no problem whatsoever. We were momentarily taken aback. The response in other eateries to the question “my son has a severe nut allergy, can you make him a nut free meal” is so often raised eyebrows and puffed out cheeks, that a positive “of course we can” response came as somewhat of a surprise.

I went on to ask about cross-contamination and the waitress brought the manager to talk to us. He confirmed that (although there were nuts such as almonds in the kitchen) if we ordered, for example, pasta and tomato sauce off the children’s menu, they were confident this was safe. Something off the grill, however, could be higher risk as it might have also been used for foods with nut traces. We ordered D the pasta and tomato sauce and, at the time of ordering, the waitress again noted that D’s meal must not come anywhere near nuts. Service which inspired confidence and great pub food. We will definitely be going back.”

The Honey Bee, Wilmslow

Review submitted by: Louise on 3 March 2013.

Date last visited:  September 2013.

My son ate tomato pasta then orange jelly from the children’s menu. Whilst the manageress advised that they couldn’t 100% guarantee any food was “nut free”, she confirmed that the only item on the children’s menu that may contain nuts was the bread that came with the prawn cocktail. Nuts were kept in a sealed container in the kitchen. The kitchen staff would prepare my son’s meal in a separate area, using clean cookware and utensils and take care to avoid cross-contamination.”

The Windmill, near Macclesfield

Reviews submitted by: Louise on 3 March 2013 and 9 January 2014.

Date last visited: January 2014.

MAY 2013:Fantastic country pub (think wooden beams, leather chairs, an open fire), serving excellent food (from sandwiches to fish and chips to savoury lamb crumble). If you call 2-3 days beforehand to discuss your allergy and tell them what types of food you like to eat, they will prepare an allergy safe meal for you.”

JANUARY 2014: “We visited again in January 2014, only this time we hadn’t called ahead. On arrival, the waiter checked with the chef whether they could provide a nut free meal and we were assured this was no problem. My son enjoyed pasta  with tomato sauce. Unfortunately, the ice cream (which I believe was Buttertons) was labelled may contain nuts, so D had to skip dessert. The staff were very apologetic about this – but we were just pleased to have been able to go out for a safe family meal. Will be returning soon.”

Toby Carvery, Lowton, Warrington

Review submitted by: Sharon McCormack

Date last visited: April 2014

“We last visited on Sunday 13th April and have eaten here twice since my eldest child was diagnosed with severe peanut allergy in January of this year. The staff are always very helpful and on each occasion they have gone and checked with the chef who said that they don’t have any nuts/nut based products in the kitchen. We were not made to feel like over anxious parents either.

On both occasions my nut allergic child has been able to enjoy a carvery and a dessert and has been absolutely fine, so we feel confident when we go that they can cater for her.”


Hales of Cartmel, Grange-over-Sands

  • Devonshire House, Devonshire Square, Grange-over-Sands LA11 6QD
  • 015395 32557

Review submitted by: Sheryl Illingworth

Date last visited: May 2015

“Popped in to Hales of Cartmel looking for ice creams. I asked whether there was anything suitable for nut allergy sufferers. The lady serving (I think she was the boss) told me which cones were suitable and double checked the boxes. She also knew the nut policy and clean down processes of English Lakes Ice Cream and checked the tubs. She also told me she stocks gluten free cones aswell. Really helpful, positive experience and two happy kids!”


Bob’s Smithy Inn, Bolton

Review submitted by: A nutmum from Bolton on 11 November 2014

Date last visited: November 2014

“We had Sunday lunch at The Old Forge at Bob’s Smithy’s Inn and would strongly recommend!

We told staff when we booked about my son’s nut and sesame allergy, and they were so well prepared for us.  The waitresses checked and double checked everything on the menu (the flour used for the yorkshire puddings had a “may contain” warning so we had to avoid) and we really felt that care had been taken over his meal. The owner/manageress also came over at the end of the meal to check that everything had been ok, in particular regarding my son and his allergy. In addition, the food was lovely and freshly prepared, and we’ll certainly be going back with the boys.

(The manageress also told us that a lady had been in earlier who was a vegan, and she had asked if she could bring in her own food to eat. They had refused as you’d expect, but one of the reasons they gave for their refusal was that it was important that the chef knew what was in everything in his kitchen, and he couldn’t have food prepared by someone else in there in case it caused a problem/cross contamination – in particular as a little boy was coming in later with a nut allergy and they were not prepared to take any risks!).”

Chiquito, Middlebrook

Review submitted by: A nutmum from Bolton on 1 December 2013.

Date last visited: November 2013.

“Chiquitos – a chain restaurant, we’ve been to the one at Middlebrook, Bolton: extensive and reassuring allergy information on the website, and very helpful staff inside.”

Luciano’s at the Millstone, Adlington

Review submitted by: A nutmum from Bolton on 1 December 2013.

Date last visited: November 2013.

“Fab local Italian restaurant. Staff bent over backwards to help, head waiter came over to speak to us to confirm my son’s choices were nut-free, and we were reassured that the chef would be told about his allergy and he would take extra care to avoid any cross-contamination.”

Prezzo, Preston

Review submitted by: lovedisney on 27 March 2014.

Date last visited: March 2014.

“Can recommend Prezzo restaurant in Preston allergy info excellent and felt safe they understood allergies”


Carluccio’s, Spinningfields

Review submitted by: A nutmum from Bolton on 6 October 2013.

Date last visited: September 2013.

“Back at home, we’ve recently eaten out at Carluccio’s, Spinningfields, Manchester. I booked in advance and informed them of my son’s allergy whilst making the booking. The manager couldn’t have been more helpful; he suggested I ring ahead with my order the morning of our visit, and the staff would set aside bowls/food etc to minimise the risk of any cross contamination in the kitchen. The staff had clear allergy information about menu items and we felt very reassured by this. I would certainly return.”

Carluccio’s, Trafford Centre

Review #1 submitted by: Louise on 8 February 2014.

Date last visited: 8 February 2014.

“We found ourselves at the Trafford Centre on a busy Saturday lunchtime and decided to stay for something to eat. Off the back of the glowing reviews already posted on this site, we decided to try Carluccios. It lived up to expectations. We  hadn’t phoned ahead. On arrival, the waitress who greeted us said that it was no problem for them to cater for nut allergies and that she would let her manager know about my son’s requirements. The manager then came over to our table to check whether my son needed to avoid just peanuts or all nuts. He advised us that everything on the children’s menu would be fine and apologised that our son’s meal “might take a little longer to prepare, as it will be cooked from scratch so as to avoid any cross-contamination”. Needless to say, we were more than okay with that! They also checked with us whether my son can have nutmeg, as apparently that was used in the lasagne and ravioli. We mentioned the nut allergy again to the waiter who took our order, but he had already been fully briefed. Even the children’s desserts were safe, so my son was able to finish off with ice cream. Absolutely inspired confidence. We would definitely visit again.”

Review #2 submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: August 2014

“I think Carluccio’s, Trafford Centre is my number 1 restaurant for eating out with my peanut allergic son. We’ve been looked after brilliantly every time we’ve visited. The manager has always come over to speak to us, to advise on safe menu choices and reassure us that they understand about avoiding cross contamination. And pencils and jigsaws to keep the kids occupied too – what’s not to like!”

Croma, Albert Square

Review submitted by: A nutmum from Bolton

Date last visited: February 2015

We’ve recently eaten at Croma, Manchester – they were helpful and there was plenty of choice for my son.”

Giraffe, Spinningfields

Review submitted by: A nutmum from Bolton on 26 February 2014.

Date last visited: February 2014.

“I have been to Giraffe in Spinningfields, Manchester with my family – we had a lovely lunch and the service was excellent. One of my sons is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and some seeds and we were really happy to see that Giraffe provide detailed allergy information. I was slightly concerned that a dessert containing ‘amaretti biscuits’ was not shown as containing nuts – as I had always thought that these contained almonds. I have since contacted Giraffe and they confirmed that the amaretti biscuits used do not contain nuts. They also clarified that although their allergen information refers to “brazils/walnuts/hazels/pecans” (as a subheading under “Nuts”), dishes that contain other types of tree nut (for example, pistachio) would also be listed in the “nut” column.”

Panama Hatty’s

Review submitted by: Helen on 6 October 2013.

Date last visited: December 2012.

“I’d recommend Panama Hatty’s. I’ve been there a few times and they’ve been able to make me a nut free meal.”

McDonald’s, Trafford Centre

Review #1 submitted by: Louise on 27 May 2014.

Date last visited: May 2014

“We took the children for their first McDonald’s on Sunday. I explained to our server about my son’s allergy and asked whether the children’s Happy Meals were nut safe. She went away to check with her supervisor and returned with a laminated card, showing that none of the Happy Meal variations had peanuts or tree nuts as an ingredient. As regards cross contamination, I was advised that the only food containing nuts were some types of McFlurries, and that these were kept in sealed packs. It was all very straightforward and reassuring and I’m so glad we now always have a kid and allergy friendly fallback option when out and about in the UK.”

Review #2 submitted by: Louise on 1 November 2014

Date last visited: August 2014

“Another smooth visit to McDonald’s at the Trafford Centre in August. On the couple of occasions we’ve visited, my usual opening line is something like ‘My son has a severe peanut and nut allergy, are your chicken nugget happy meals still nut free’. Each time, a supervisor / manager comes over with an allergen sheet, and shows me that there are no peanuts or tree nuts in the happy meals. We go to McDonald’s as an occasional treat and it’s great to have somewhere that’s safe, with branches everywhere across the UK.”

Wagamama, Spinningfields

Review submitted by: Sharon on 22 January 2014.

Date last visited: January 2014.

“Wagamama in Spinningfields Manchester has a very thorough guide on what dishes are suitable for adults or children with nut allergies”