UK Nut Allergy Friendly Restaurants


nut_free_restaurantHere are the reviews from fellow nut mums of nut allergy friendly restaurants in Scotland.

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Viva Mexico

Review submitted by: Lynn on 2 May 2014.

Date last visited: March 2014

“we often eat at Viva Mexico and the staff are very aware of my son’s severe tree nut allergy. They don’t use tree nuts in their cooking and whilst they do have cakes with nuts, these are not made on the premises and the staff know to avoid cross contamination. The evening menu has ‘mole’ which contains peanuts, but during the day their menu contains no peanuts, and as most of the food is prepared freshly they can easily cater for allergies. Just ask the staff, in our experience they are very willing and able to to make sure we can eat with confidence… and the food is very yummy too!!!”


Chiquito, Glasgow

Review submitted by: Jenny Dodds

Date last visited: February 2015

“I’ve just recently found out about this place that it is completely nut free! The first time I went into the restaurant I made the staff aware of my nut allergy and they told me that they don’t use any nuts at all as they know it’s a very common allergy so they decided not to use them in their dishes. The past few times I’ve been their the food has been excellent and also the service is great too! (Where I live)”

Scottish Highlands

Mountain Cafe, Aviemore

Review submitted by: Linda Philo on 15 September 2014

Date last visited: September 2014

“I think you can probably imagine how excited we were when we went into the Mountain Cafe whilst on holiday in Aviemore and read this on their menu This is the first time I have trusted a cafe to allow my daughter to have one of their cakes. It brought a tear to my eye to see how excited she was to choose a cake and also to have a choice of cakes to choose from. I would definitely recommend this cafe to everyone with allergies. The food was delicious and the service excellent. Of course we went back again the next day! Shame it is so far away from us. Spread the word!”