The new style EpiPens

After his anaphylactic reaction, D was prescribed an epinephrine (adrenaline) auto-injector (EpiPen). His dad and I received training on how to administer the EpiPen before D left the hospital.

Although we were confident that we knew what to do in the event of an emergency, it was a daunting prospect. One of the things which particularly stuck in my mind was the need to keep your thumb out of the way of the needle. We were told that if you accidentally inject yourself in the thumb, then you too will need to go to A&E and, more importantly, you will have wasted the injection and not have treated the person having the anaphylactic reaction.

In December 2012, two of D’s EpiPens expired. We obtained prescriptions for replacement pens from our GP. However, on picking up the prescription, I realised the style of the EpiPen had changed. This sent me into a temporary panic. However, I need not have worried. The EpiPen website confirms that, although the new style pen has some new features, the administration technique has not changed.

I attach links to the following websites, in case you also find them useful:

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