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West Midlands

nut_free_restaurantHere are the reviews from fellow nut mums of nut allergy friendly restaurants in the West Midlands region.

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Cafe Rouge, Harborne, Birmingham

Review submitted by: Debbie Roscoe
Date last visited: May 2015

“Staff fantastic with my daughters nut allergy”


Beefeater – The Plough, Birmingham

Review submitted by: CJ
Date last visited: May 2015

“I suffer from severe a tree nut/peanut allergy and recently eat out at a Beefeater. This was the first time I have eaten out in over 10 years (I’m 24 and it forced me to learn how to cook!), I’ll have the occasional McDonald’s or something but tend to avoid restaurants because i just don’t like having a fuss made over me, and to be honest i feel as if i have done perfectly fine without eating out. However, i have a partner who is completely understanding of my allergy and wanted to show her that i appreciated it. So me and my partner decided to look at Beefeaters policies and procedures regarding allergens. The beefeater website offered a data sheet which displayed what was in all of the meals, including whether any ingredients in the menu could be exposed to cross-contamination. To my surprise i was allowed 85% of the menu (apart from desserts), if not, more! This made me feel ‘slightly’ comfortable, I’ve always been very cautious and if I never felt totally comfortable I wouldn’t bother risking taking a bite of anything. Due to the content covering allergens on the website we decided to call the Beefeater and tell them that we are thinking about eating there and would like to know what steps they take to ensure a safe meal can be produced, the waiter clearly understood the seriousness of the issue and told us what they do, and then she put the manager on the phone to go into more detail and then she booked us in for a table while telling us to mention it when we arrived. Upon arrival we were greeted by the manager who sat us to our table without making a scene and went through a menu listing all allergen data and explained to us what’s safe and what’s at risk of cross contamination, she also answered any other questions and then just left us to go over the menu and choose. She then allocated a top waiter to us who was also excellent and went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable. The meals were brought out by the manager and waiter, the waiter explained that it is a new procedure they are implementing where the manager must overlook any dishes being served to customers with allergies and take it to the table. I couldn’t of felt more comfortable on this visit, it is mostly about feeling confident in the people preparing the meal. This is a longwinded review, but it’s my first and I know how much reading reviews can help build courage and confidence in letting somebody else prepare your meal. Plus, if the staff at all Beefeaters are as accommodating as the one I went to, there is really no reason why someone with a treenut/peanut allergy should avoid this place. This is from a very cautious allergy sufferer!”